Jim Kaup is a Topeka-based attorney who represents
Kansas employees in numerous areas of employment
law.  Centrally based in Topeka, Jim can work with
employees from throughout the state of Kansas but
especially those in such cities as Lawrence, Manhattan,
Topeka, Hutchinson, Emporia, Salina, Wichita, Great
Bend and others.  

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

For almost all employment discrimination laws, your
first step in protecting your federal anti-discrimination
rights, you must file a charge of discrimination with the
EEOC.  We advise that you use an attorney in this
process since you have very important employment
rights and the employer against whom you file the
charge will almost always have an attorney.  If you use
the EEOC mediation process, you will be asked to give
up your rights in exchange for whatever the employer is

When you file a charge of discrimination, you will be
known as the Charging Party (CP) and the employer will
be referred to as the Respondent (R).

The EEOC explains your rights to file a charge
of discrimination

You may file a charge of employment discrimination at
the EEOC office closest to where you live, or at any one
of the EEOC’s 53 field offices.  Your charge, however,
may be investigated at the EEOC office closest to where
the discrimination occurred.  If you are a U.S. citizen
working for an American company overseas, you should
file your charge with the EEOC field office closest to
your employer’s corporate headquarters.

Where the discrimination took place can determine how
long you have to file a charge. The 180 calendar day
filing deadline is extended to 300 calendar days if a
state or local agency enforces a state or local law that
prohibits employment discrimination on the same basis.
The rules are slightly different for age discrimination
charges. For age discrimination, the filing deadline is
only extended to 300 days if there is a state law
prohibiting age discrimination in employment and a
state agency or authority enforcing that law. The
deadline is not extended if only a local law prohibits age

Many states and localities have agencies that enforce
laws prohibiting employment discrimination. EEOC
refers to these agencies as Fair Employment Practices
Agencies (FEPAs). EEOC and some FEPAs have
worksharing agreements in place to prevent the
duplication of effort in charge processing. According to
these agreements, if you file a charge with either EEOC
or a FEPA, the charge also will be automatically filed
with the other agency. This process, which is defined as
dual filing, helps to protect charging party rights under
both federal and state or local law.

The following is the contact information for the EEOC
office in Kansas City.

Kansas City Area Office
Location: Gateway Tower II
4th & State Ave., 9th Floor,
Kansas City, KS 66101  

Phone: 1-800-669-4000  
Fax: (913) 551-6957  
TTY: 1-800-669-6820  

Director: Billie Ashton  
Regional Attorney: Barbara Seely   

Office Hours:

The Kansas City Area Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:
30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.
Members of the public can visit the office between 8:30
a.m. and 3 p.m. to discuss filing a charge.  
James Kaup

Kaup Law Office, LC
214 SW 6th Avenue,
Suite 306
Topeka, KS 66603

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James Kaup
Kaup Law Office, LC
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The Kaup Law Office
The Equal Employment Opportunity
Jim Kaup is a Kansas licensed attorney located in Topeka, Kansas, who works with Kansas
employees throughout the state of Kansas.  He is available to help Kansas employees in
Atchison, Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan, Emporia, Salina, Hutchinson, Goodland, Great Bend,
Dodge City, and Wichita.  His location in Topeka makes it easy for him to work with employees
in Douglas, Shawnee and Sedgwick counties.  

As the state's Capitol, Jim has access in Topeka to a wide array of legal materials not generally
available in other parts of the state.  Jim has often worked with legislators in Topeka, and
brought cases to the Kansas Supreme Court and the Kansas Court of Appeals, both in Topeka.

Jim has worked on cases involving race discrimination, gender discrimination, age
discrimination, disability discrimination, hostile work environment and sexual harassment;
Family Medical Leave Act; Fair Labor Standards Act; wrongful termination and discharge;
Kansas contract disputes; Kansas unemployment insurance

Filing a Charge With the
Kansas Human Rights

Whenever you file a charge
with the EEOC, it will also be
filed with the Kansas Human
Rights Commission (KHRC),
but you will then need to file a
charge form that the KHRC will
send to you.

The KHRC office is in Topeka
and has people who will help
you with your charge.

We strongly recommend that
you use an attorney in this
process--though you are not
required to do so.

Under state law, you must file
a charge of discrimination
against a Kansas employer if
your charge is based upon
state law within 180 days from
the date that the
discrimination occurred.

Main Office, Topeka:
900 S.W. Jackson, Suite 568-S
Topeka, KS  66612-1258

voice: 785-296-3206
fax: 785-296-0589

Toll Free: 888-793-6874